The True Hamiltonian Story

What does it mean to be a True Hamiltonian?

It means wearing your heart on your sleeve. It means being an integral part of a groundswell of growth and new opportunity. It means being real. It means understanding where you are, or never forgetting where you came from.

Mostly it means being proud of your city, one rich in history, one embracing change and growth.

It’s Westdale. Locke Street. James Street. Hess Village. Ottawa Street. It’s waterfalls and nature escapes. It’s fine dining and art galleries. Live Music and Nightclubs. Street Festivals. Art Crawls. Beer. Coffee. Diversity. It’s historic homes and fast rising condos. It’s two of the best post secondary schools in the country (Mac and Mohawk) and it’s the city built on steel becoming the city changed by people.

Whether you started here or your heart never truly left, being a True Hamiltonian is something you wear every single day. We are all True Hamiltonian’s at heart, and we are proud of our city.

Hamilton is Home