Basketball Comes to Hamilton


Canada may have the Toronto Raptors, but there are fans out there who have been waiting to cheer on other cities. Those fans now have their wish, with the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL). Hamilton is one of those six inaugural teams, with the Honey Badgers set to play their first home game at the FirstOntario Centre May 12th. 

Max and the True Hamiltonian team were present for the CEBL draft event on Saturday, March 23, showcasing the new co-branded Honey Badger gear. The Art Gallery of Hamilton hosted the invite-only event, which was also live-streamed on

The event allowed True Hamiltonian to engage with CEBL executives, community leaders and the media, who all share a passion for Hamiltonian sports. Aside from offering Honey Badgers gear for sale, True Hamiltonian also offered "spin the wheel," with prizes including free pairs of TH sunglasses.  

The CEBL's six teams represent cities from Saskatchewan, to Fraser Valley and St. Catharines. However, the CEBL is more than just a league operating in Canada, it is one that aims to uplift its countrymen. Each team will consist of at least 70% Canadian talent. The first four rounds of the thirteen-round draft were dedicated to regional picks, where each team selected players from their respective east/west regions. 

The Hamilton Honey Badger's picks included Joe Rocca, a Sarnia native and McMaster alumni who is currently playing in Slovakia. As Rocca states, playing with the Honey Badgers gives him a chance to play in front of family and friends again. The CEBL doesn't only nurture Canadian talent, it strengthens the bond between players and fans.

The Honey Badgers also helped to continue TH's support of powerful women, with the team boasting the first female coach and general manager of a men's professional basketball team. Chantal Vallee previously won five consecutive national titles with the Windsor Lancers, and is now at the helm of the Honey Badgers as they head into their inaugural season. 

Our Honey Badgers gear is still available in store and we hope to see some true Hamiltonians repping their city during the 2019/2020 CEBL season. Go Honey Badgers!

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