Getting to Gold at Centre3

Let us start by saying, True Hamiltonian would not be where we are today without Centre3. Centre3 for Print and Media Arts is a not-for-profit, charitable artist-run centre that connects, educates, and collaborates with people in Hamilton’s community and artists globally.

In 2013, when Max was struck with inspiration to start a brand that encapsulated Hamilton pride he was working a desk job. He had no knowledge of how to screenprint a t-shirt, until he found Centre3. Centre3 has a printing studio and runs various workshops to teach enthusiasts the art of screen printing. Max was a fast learner and quickly became one of the Centre’s most active members printing his classic t-shirts whenever the studio was open!

tees on round dryer

max printing tees

Today we are thankful for our communities support as the business has grown beyond Max printing every t-shirt, however the lessons and values Max learnt from Centre3 hold true in the core of our business today.

We value community building and learning together, we partner with local print shops and artists to ensure the integrity and design of our merchandise is something we are proud of continuously. We strive to improve and never stop learning, we build each other up and know we get further when we work together. We are very fortunate to get to do what we love everyday, and partner with a phenomenal community organization like Centre3.

In 2013 Max was the student, today as he moves the business into a warehouse and opens his own print studio he returns to the Centre to speak to the marketing classes about how to make their dreams a reality too. 

max and gwen printing

True Hamiltonian has had the privilege of becoming a Gold Partner at Centre3. We are committed to continuously supporting Centre3 initiatives and leveraging the success the Centre has helped us achieve to continue to spread that growth to Hamilton’s newest businesses.

Would you be interested in attending a class or workshop led by Max on his top business lessons? Let us know in the comments below! 

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