Shining a Spotlight on Powerful Women in Hamilton

This year True Hamiltonian has teamed up with Femcity’s Hamilton Collective for International Women’s Day. When True Hamiltonian started - it was a one man show, literally. As the company has grown Max has built the team with talented, ambitious and tenacious team members - 70% of whom are women. So when FemCity’s Hamilton Collective Leader, Lola Small approached the team about a collaboration - it was a no brainer.

FemCity’s Hamilton Collective is a group of 25 entrepreneurial women who are committed to supporting each other’s growth and success while being inspirational thought leaders in the community. True Hamiltonian is honoured to partner with this phenomenal group of women on a campaign we are truly proud of.

To get started, Sarah Killins, True Hamiltonian’s eCommerce Manager and Lola got to work brainstorming an idea that would encompass the passion, determination and grit we know Hamiltonian women possess. That is how “Hamilton is Powerful Women” was born.

We know Hamilton is full of creative, intelligent, entrepreneurial, kind, generous and benevolent women. We know we live in a special community, where women build each other up and encourage each other’s success while supporting each other in our down moments. Most of all we know how Powerful those truths are.

We are so fortunate to live in a wonderful community with so many talented, diverse, strong women that “Powerful” was the only word we could think of that not only describes the people, but also the potential of what the women in Hamilton work for everyday.

To launch the campaign we have released the Hamilton is Powerful Women tee for pre-sale on International Women’s Day and FemCity Hamilton Collective will be hosting an event on March 22nd centred around empowering female entrepreneurs and community collaborations! True Hamiltonian Founder Max Francis will be speaking on the panel about the importance of supporting our community’s female entrepreneurs.

International Women’s Day is an important day to celebrate the women in our lives but to also draw attention to the inequalities and problems that do exist in our community. True Hamiltonian has always been and will always be committed to being a fair and equal workplace and beyond that we have committed to donating 50% of all sales on International Women’s Day to a local women's shelter.

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